Riley Multimedia Studio

211 Riley Hall

CCG Office: 574-631-9026 

Studio Request Form

The Multimedia Studio (MMS) is a specialized production studio with Apple 5K iMac workstations capable of video and sound editing, graphic design and animation. This studio is the principal workshop for courses taught in the College of Arts and Letters. It is also open to all faculty and students in the College with need for multimedia production facilities for research or teaching. The facility is not staffed. Users must have knowledge of multimedia hardware and software tools or make arrangements for someone to assist them with their projects. 

The MMS is a secured facility with access available 24 hours/day. Faculty may schedule the studio for classes or research and are advised to do so at least one week in advance by contacting the CCG. Students may schedule the studio for the current week beginning each Monday. This includes individuals awarded Media Design Grants through the CCG, who are developing course projects or instructional technology. 

Faculty and students are asked to fill out the studio request form and accept the terms and conditions listed within, in order to gain access to the Multimedia Studio. 


Primary Software: Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk Fusion, Audacity, Handbrake, iLife, Meshmixer

15 Apple iMac multimedia workstations capable of video and sound editing, graphic design and animation

Smart Classroom and seminar space equipped with video conferencing technology.

The MMS is a secured facility with 24-hour access.