Film, Television & Theater 3D Animation & Design Studio

143 DeBartolo Performing Arts Center 

Studio Request Form

SAN Agreement

This facility, used by faculty and students in the Department of Film, Television and Theatre for theatre arts instruction and research, features 15 Lenovo workstations that are designed for high-end graphics and animation processing. All workstations can print to a 40" HP DesignJet plotter. The room is configured for lecture presentations and can also be used as a workspace for students who need access to the specialized software for class assignments. 

Faculty and students are asked to fill out the studio request form and accept the terms and conditions listed within, in order to gain access to the FTT 3D Animation & Design Studio. 

Please read the SAN Agreement for information on professional data storage that can be used during projects.


Primary Software: Adobe Creative Cloud, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, AutoCAD, VectorWorks/RenderWorks, WYSIWYG, Lightwright/Beamwright 

15 Lenovo workstations designed for high-end graphics and animation processing

Workstations networked to a 40" HP DesignJet plotter