Film, Television & Theater Video Editing Suites

Performing Arts Center, Lower Level 

Studio Request Form

SAN Agreement

This facility features Apple Macintosh workstations in 12 individual editing suites. The edit suites support high-definition video production and audio editing for the Department of Film, Television and Theatre. Three suites are configured for 5.1 surround sound editing.

An ingestion center, located near the suites, provides users the ability to convert Betacam (Pro Beta), VHS, sVHS, DVD and DV formats to digital data files. The edit suites use fiber-optic technology to connect to the center's storage area network (SAN) for rapid transfer and storage of user files. 

Faculty and students are asked to fill out the studio request form and accept the terms and conditions listed within, in order to gain access to the FTT Video Editing Suites. 

Please read the SAN Agreement for information on professional data storage that can be used during projects.


Primary Software: Adobe Creative Cloud, DaVinci Resolve v16

12 Apple Mac Pro workstations

5.1 surround sound editing and color correction facilities are available